golf putting

Golf Putting

Golfers love smashing drives that seem to never return to Earth. Nothing beats watching your ball rocket off the tee with the speed of a space shuttle launch. But golf wisdom reminds us, “Driving for show, putting for dough.” Crushing drives thrills the gallery, but short putts pay the bills. A 350-yard drive won’t help much if you’re stuck in 3-putt purgatory.

Even the greatest ball-strikers battle the flat stick. Tour statistics tell a woeful tale – in the 2022-23 season, only 1 golfer gained a shot in strokes gained putting. And from 10 feet, those magical moments when putts graze the edge of the cup outnumber the ball rattling home. Clearly, putting prowess separates winners from dreamers. Lagging it close and avoiding 3-jack heartache is the key to paydirt. Master green reading, perfect pace, and steal Tiger’s nerves – then you’ll rake in the cash. Driving is fun, but putting, putting is the difference.

Essential Putting Techniques

Having the correct putting knowledge will help you hole more putts and give you more birdie chances, as well as save par

The essential putting techniques that all golfers need are covered in these articles:

The Different Putting Grip Styles

The putting grip you use can make a big difference when it comes to mastering your putting. Persisting with an uncomfortable grip will lead to putts that come up short, pulled left or striped miles past the hole. See our guides below on the different putting grips:

Advanced Putting Topics